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About Us

Dr. Huseyin Iskender Karagül, the founder of Amaranth Brose, is a dynamic, result-driven senior management consultant with 15+ years of combined achievement and success advising various institutions for their risk and analytic needs. He has mainly advised financial institutions on risk methodology, models, governance, and policies; implemented and validated financial risk management models throughout his career. He has:

  • Solid Track record of quantifying several aspects of risks stemming from financial statements of Financial or Non-Financial Institutions, to effectively measure and manage their ALM, Market & Credit risks

  • Vast experience in handling highly complex and intense structures of financial landscapes in risk management space with effective project management skills along with strong team leadership and coaching

  • Skills in advising executives on the level of risk and actions to be taken, through effective communication channels


Dr. Huseyin Iskender Karagül established Amaranth Brose, on July 01, 2020, in the beautiful city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Amaranth Brose consists of a team of advisors who spent their entire careers in Financial Risk Management and Quantitative Analysis functions of several Institutions that are purely focused on performance improvement of the businesses, utilizing analytics solutions.

Amaranth Brose, not only provides solutions for financial institutions but also for the non-financial institutions. Our dedicated team strives to meet your needs with customized solutions.

Our team members are ready to meet you to understand your needs and offer you a way of consulting, where you would not only better control your business but also improve it drastically. Please read about our philosophy to gain more insight to see how we think of Amaranth Brose.

Let us be members of your management team to improve your business.

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