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List of Customer Testimonials

Regardless of their sectoral divisions (financial institutions or non-financial institutions)​, feedbacks of our customers about our services count a lot for us. To have an overview of our customers' experience with us, please have a look at our customers' testimonials and see what they think about our services.

Vye Professionals

Yap, Dennis

Lead Consultant

We have been in contact with Huseyin for quite some years already and were happy that we could collaborate on a Data Management assignment at our client ABN AMRO. ABN required a professional who was thorough, well known within the Risk Domain and able to connect quantitative methodologies with an innovative driven risk project. Huseyin was able to bring all of that to the table and has added significant value to the organization.

We gladly would recommend Huseyin for financial projects where tight deadlines are to be met, where complex business need to be solved and where a kind and professional personality is needed!

Demir-Halk Bank (Nederland) N.V.

Güder, Kerem

Head of Credit Analysis

Review and Improvement of ‘’Impact Analysis of FX Volatility Methodology for the Corporates’’

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