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Would not you like to shape your decisions more effectively and efficiently at your fingertips?

We have made a platform to help out people and companies to meet their needs to better use the financial data and make use of the analytics.

Regardless of your sector, our dedicated team strives to bring you the most satisfying solution to meet your needs.

Whether your need is to


  • better understand what drives your sales figures, 

  • be more profitable by improving your business,

  • assess your customer portfolio in detail, 

  • be more risk-proof in the uncertainty,

  • enhance your enterprise risk framework

Find the standardized solution, which is high-quality, accessible, convenient, and affordable to make everything about decision making so easy while you focus on running your own business. Amaranth Brose always strives to find a delicate balance in meeting clients' needs.


Even if you don't find any of the standardized solutions up to your needs, please contact our team about your needs.

One of our consultants will reach out to you to set-up a meeting where we could discuss all your needs to address them with a customized solution tailored to your needs.


Non-Financial Institutions

  • Standardized Services 

  • Customized Services        

Financial Institutions

  • Standardized Services

  • Customized Services


Nov 2, 2020

Registrations started for our new trainings (also online):


"An Introduction to Credit Risk Modeling" 

"Advanced Credit Risk Modeling"

"An Introduction to Market Risk Modeling" 

"Advanced Market Risk Modeling"

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